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We can supply complete customised solutions from design through to insallation for high quality industrial weighing systems

A complete service from concept, through design to manufacture, installation and commissioning.

We have the experience to design a whole range of weighing and control packages for any industry and most applications.

In many cases these are one-off, custom solutions to particular problems. However, they can be the basis of systems that form an integral part of our clients' products.

If you have a particular problem that you feel we may have the expertise to help you with, either e-mail us or complete the request form on our contact page.

The Problem & The Solution

The Problem

A customer has two belt weighers installed in a quarry each of the belt weighers displays tonnes per hour and total tonnes weighed.

The quarry manager does not know what the current production status is or how many tonnes have been produced over any given period of time.

The Solution

The HK Process Measurement belt weighers have a volt free relay output which pulses once every 100kg. This relay output is linked to a printed circuit board situated next to a PC in the managers office.

The Circuit board counts the pulses from the belt weigher instrument and converts the count value into a serial output (RS232), the RS232 output is connected to the serial input on the managers PC.

A PC program runs which interrogates the PC serial port and displays the count value. A DDE link (dynamic data exchange) is used to transfer the raw count value into Microsoft Excel. Excel macros are then used to display total tonnage and tonnes per hour of production.

The information generated in Excel is updated every 60 seconds each update is saved along with a date and time stamp and can be displayed on a graph.

HK Process Weighing Equipment
HK Process Weighing Equipment
HK Process Weighing Equipment