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The PR446 Weigh Feeder System Overview.


  • Provides rate and total information while controlling the flow rate of material into a process.
  • Stored feed rate characteristics.
  • Choices of Kgs/Hour or Tonnes/Hour feed rate control and display.
  • Both Resettable and Non-Resettable Totals
  • Serial communications and analogue I/O options.
  • Out-of-tolerance and control limit alarms.
  • Batching control with in-flight compensation.

PR446 Weigh Feeder Description.

The PR446 controls the feed rate from a conveyor belt fitted with a variable speed motor drive. It connects with 1 to 4 load cells fitted to the belt weigher mechanism from which it generates a calibrated weight signal. It also connects with a tacho from which it receives pulses in proportion to belt movement. From these two inputs and from calibrated and control data held in its system memory it calculates the rate of flow of material over the belt.

From the flow rate reading, it accurately controls a 4-20mA analogue output signal to the variable speed motor drive, achieving a pre-set target feed rate. An additional 4-20mA output provides an actual feed rate signal, to PLC/computer or remote display.

The display may be selected to Actual Rate, Target Rate and Total at any time via the front panel keys. Access may be gained to the control and calibration data which is pass-number protected.

PR446 Weigh Feeder Batch Control.

The PR446 may be used to control the feeding of a preset quantity of material, a digital output can be configured to a belt run function and together with start/stop digital inputs provides the means of running the belt until the desired target quantity has been conveyed. The preset material target total may be entered via the keypad or downloaded serially in the case of the PR446M version. This batch control mode is a configurable option available on all models.

PR446 Weigh Feeder Technical Data.

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